Restaurant Digital Marketing Case Study

Case Study Overview

Restaurant was on Basic Social Media Package provide by Fresh Marketing Innovations in November 2019. Basic Social Media Package comes with $100 in ad credits. Digital marketing campaign was design, implemented, and executed through Fresh Marketing Innovations.

Social Media Marketing Effect on Sales

Social Media Marketing Results

The data indicates a direct correlation with page views and customer digital conversions. 69% of US adults use one social media site. While, 88% of adults from the age of 18-29 years use social media. Are you effectively leveraging your social presence? Figure 1.1

214 new page likes. A person is 77% more likely to purchase from a brand if they follow them on social media.

(214 new likes x 77% conversion rate = 164 new customers)

Figure 1.2

Focusing on retention and customer visit frequency growth provides a cheaper and more effective way to increase profit margins versus purely focusing on customer acquisitions. Customer acquisition sees a big boost when customer retention rates grow.


Week 3 Avg. Value increased to $37.41 (+127%). 

Figure 1.3

Great Marketing doesn't cost you money, it makes you money!

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