Search Engine Optimization

Improving Digital Visibility

Consumers oftentimes turn to Google for recommendations or when they need information. For example, they may type restaurants near me. The list and the order it is in is your Search Engine Optimization ranking. The higher-ranking businesses on the list receive more of the digital traffic. The score is comprised of many factors: location, relevancy, rating, reviews, traffic, bounce rate, etc. This is why it is important for restaurants to have their own website with online ordering. It makes it easier to achieve a higher ranking and passed their competitors reaping heavy rewards.

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Facts about SEO

  • 32.5% of traffic goes to the first listing

  • 67% of traffic goes to the first five listings

  • 91.5% of traffic comes from the first page results

  • 80% of consumers ignore ads in listings 

    • Consumers prefer organic listing over ads​